First Steps – November 12, 2018

Dr. Timothy Tennent, current President of Asbury Theological Seminary, recently wrote an article where he said, “We often long for peaceful, calm waters with as little disruption as possible. It is disruptive to see the culture in chaos, the church in crisis, and challenges at every turn. But, when we look at the Bible, we regularly see how God moves in that liminal space which we call “disruption.” The old saying, “God comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable” is truer than we sometimes care to admit. But, all through the Scriptures we see God taking ordinary people, with their sometimes-limited vision, and calling them forth to become full participants in His mighty acts of salvation.”

I don’t know about you, but I often don’t see disruption as a good thing.  Yet, if I know that a disruption will create something inside of me that I long for (nature of Christ) and will witness to God’s goodness in the world, then perhaps I should view God’s disruptive grace differently.

Maybe not all disruptions are bad. What do you think? Look for God’s disruptive grace this week. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned.

This week’s reading:

  • Monday – Hebrews 2
  • Tuesday – Hebrews 3
  • Wednesday – Hebrews 4
  • Thursday – Hebrews 5
  • ​Friday – Hebrews 6

Please Pray for:

  • Our nation and our newly elected officials
  • Our families, homes, workplace, church, and community
  • Those that are suffering and grieving.
  • Ongoing Building Renovations, Modifications, and Phase 3: Construction of New Youth Building and rear parking.
  • The United Methodist Church.