First Steps – December 10, 2018

Linda Douty, the author of Praying in the Messiness of Life, wrote something worth considering:

“The term creatures of habit isn’t just a catchy phrase.  Its truth is gaining credence in the world of science as well as in our everyday world of observation.  As noted, each time we engage a thought, a particular neural pattern deepens.  The more frequently a behavior or feeling is repeated, the more likely it is to be repeated again.  No wonder Christians through the centuries have employed chant, prayer beads, and other forms of repetitive prayer…We are the gatekeepers of our own minds, monitoring what enters and what exits.  Though much enters our minds whether we want it or not, we still have a choice about how to deal with that “content.”  Even in the case of traumatic events, once we give proper attention to feelings and wounds, participating in the healing work of God, we can choose to move on.  To oversimplify, our minds are like blank chalkboards, and we hold both the chalk and the eraser.”

What gathers my interest is what can be created by repetitive patterns.  The question before each of us is what pattern(s) do I want to reinforce?  What pattern(s) do I want to erase?  The ones we want to create, we reinforce.  We feed it—over and over.  Therefore, focus on those patterns that give life, energy, and joy.  Give attention to those and see what God does over time.


This week’s reading:

  • Monday – 1 Peter 4
  • Tuesday – 1 Peter 5
  • Wednesday – 2 Peter 1
  • Thursday – 2 Peter 2
  • ​Friday – 2 Peter 3


Please Pray for:

Upcoming Ukraine Mission Trip.  You might know I serve at a church that has a long-standing ministry in Ukraine.  I’m delighted my church serves in this capacity.  Some of you constantly ask what one can do to help this ministry.  First, please pray for Ukraine, their citizenry—especially their orphans.  Second, if you would like to financially aid this ministry, CLICK HERE for a link that lists some of the needs for the orphans we support.



Room for Christmas: Children’s Christmas Musical

Join us this Wednesday for “Room for Christmas.”  Part of our children’s choir musical is a gently used toy drive. All our children are being asked to bring a gently used toy to be brought to the manger. The toys brought will be donated to Damascus Way, and we invite any who come to the musical to also bring a gently used toy to contribute.

Family Night Supper begins at 6:00PM and the musical follows.  Make Family Supper reservations below.