2021-2022 Confirmation Information

The confirmation program at St. Paul begins Sunday, August 15, 2021.  Children who will be in the sixth grade during the 2021-2022 school year are invited to participate.

The confirmation year is a wonderful time in the life of our church and for your child.  The program includes class time, church visits to better understand our heritage, two retreats, and an opportunity to live out our faith through Mission Mondays.

The purpose of the confirmation program is to provide experiences that facilitate your child’s spiritual growth, which will prayerfully lead to the affirmation of his or her own faith in Jesus Christ, and to full  membership in our church.

To pay for the retreats to Shocco Springs and Epworth By the Sea online, click here.

There are several forms that need to be completed and signed for the Confirmation Year.   To make it easy and to streamline the process, you can complete these forms online.

Complete Online:
  1. Medical Release Form for Confirmand and Permission Form (Parent Signature)
  2. Medical Release Form (Adult Retreat Volunteers)
  3. Application to Volunteer with Children and Youth (If Needed)
  4. Confirmand Conduct Agreement (Confirmand Signature)