First Steps – May 20, 2019

Salvation is not a static, one-time event in our lives.  It is an ongoing experience of God’s gracious presence transforming us into whom God intended us to be.  John Wesley described this transforming work as sanctification and was the result of God’s Sanctifying Grace.  

If Justifying Grace is best described as a single event, then Sanctifying Grace is best described as a lasting relationship. Through Sanctifying Grace, people grow and mature in their ability to live as Jesus lived. If Justifying Grace is something God does for the person, then Sanctifying Grace is something God does in the person. In Sanctifying Grace, the person and God work together so that the inner nature of the person is transformed. The goal of Sanctifying Grace is for the nature of Christ to be formed inside the person thus affecting one’s thoughts, words, and deeds.

Because the person works with God’s grace for holy living, one must practice spiritual disciplines and do good works; however, they are not prerequisites for salvation—that is a work of God. Thus, in Sanctifying Grace, God leverages one’s good works to form the nature of Christ inside the person. Like Prevenient and Justifying Grace, Sanctifying Grace is a gift.       

This week’s reading:

  • Monday – 2 Cor. 7, 2 Cor. 8, 2 Cor. 9, 2 Cor. 10
  • Tuesday – 2 Cor. 11, 2 Cor. 12
  • Wednesday – Matthew 1, Matthew 2, Matthew 3, Matthew 4
  • Thursday – Matthew 5, Matthew 6, Matthew 7
  • Friday – Matthew 8, Matthew 9, Matthew 10


Please Pray for:

  • Our families, homes, workplace, church, and community.
  • Ongoing Building Renovations, Modifications.
  • Those who are unwillingly absent.
  • Those who are grieving and depressed.
  • The United Methodist Church.
  • Our nation and our leaders.