First Steps – March 12, 2018

James Finley, one of the great Methodist revival preachers from the 19th Century said, “Much may be said about camp meetings, but take them all in all for practical exhibition of religion, for unbounded hospitality to strangers, for unfeigned and fervent spirituality; give me a country camp meeting against the world.”

Camp meeting revivals were popular in the frontier regions where no permanent congregations existed; therefore, people traveled long distances to sing, worship, hear a preacher, and share in communion. Normally it was held outside and lasted for a week or two.  Frontier life was both difficult and ripe for revival due to the spiritual vacuum that existed due to ramped alcoholism, greed, and sexual promiscuity.

The Cane Ridge revival of 1801 is considered by some to be the most important religious event in American history.  It gathered thousands of people from all over the frontier who were overcome by repentance, forgiveness, and assurance of faith.

Whenever I think of Cane Ridge or any camp meeting, I am reminded of the human need of forgiveness. People create vacuums and voids only to attempt to fill them unsuccessfully.  Some voids can only be filled by the Incarnate One—the one who became human and walked among us.

This week’s reading:

Monday – Luke 11
Tuesday – Luke 12
Wednesday – Luke 13
Thursday – Luke 14
Friday – Luke 15

Please Pray for:

Our Nation and Our Leaders
Those unwillingly absent from worship
The Confirmation Class of 2018, their parents, and their mentors
Phase 3 (Construction of New Youth Building)