First Steps – June 4, 2018

I like Brother Lawrence. He reminds me of those who have street knowledge. There are some in life, who are not highly educated, but have wisdom. They are observers of life, people, and things. They can see beyond the immediate to something on the horizon. Lawrence was extremely gifted this way.

He is famous for his religious life as a kitchen aid for a monastery. What made him unique was that in his common daily routine he practiced living in God’s presence. It wasn’t in worship or in lengthy prayer or mission but in the everyday common task that he found God. He said, “We can do little things for God. I turn the cake that is frying in the pan for the love of him. And when I have turned it, if there is nothing else to call for my attention, I worship God [in the kitchen].”

There lies the lesson for us. When you do your everyday common task—at work, at school, at home—do it in the name of God. Imagine that you do the task as if Jesus is right beside you. Do it as an act of worship. It is then that you will practice the presence of God in all things.


This week’s reading:

  • Monday – Galatians 3
  • Tuesday – Galatians 4
  • Wednesday – Galatians 5
  • Thursday – Galatians 6
  • Friday – 1 Corinthians 1

Please Pray for:

  • Leaders and participants of St. Paul children and youth summer activities.
  • Unwillingly absent members.
  • Those grieving the loss of loved ones.
  • Our new mayor and city leaders.
  • Our families, workplace, church, and community.
  • Ongoing Building Renovations, Modifications, and Phase 3: Construction of New Youth Building and rear parking.