First Steps – June 21, 2017

“What do I really desire from Christ?” Have you ever thought of that question? William Law, an English mystical clergyman, answered it this way:

How is it that Christ helped the lame and the blind, the lunatic and the leper, the publican and sinner? It is because of their desire for it. They came in authentic faith. Christ responded to them, “Your faith has made you well.” Therefore, what we really desire is the real issue.

Law would say, they wanted Christ for the next world and for the current world. They wanted a changed life so that everything is altered: a new way of thinking, acting, and speaking. This change is so radical that the blind see, the lame walk, and the mute speak.

He would continue by stating that being saved is nothing other than being made like Jesus. It is to gain his humility, meekness, and self-denial. It involves doing God’s will and seeking to please God alone.  He would often wonder that if one is not able to plead with the same intensity of the sick (who came to Christ), then maybe one needs to consider if they really want Christ as their savior.

So, I ask you again, “What do you really desire from Christ?”

I invite you to read the Bible with me – This week’s reading:
Monday – Hebrews 2
Tuesday – Hebrews 3
Wednesday – Hebrews 4
Thursday – Hebrews 5
Friday – Hebrews 6
Please pray for:
Capital Campaign
United Methodist Church
Summer Ukraine Mission Trip (June 16-July 3, 2017)
Summer Children and Youth Activities
The Unwillingly Absent