First Steps – January 16, 2023

Last week I mentioned Aunt Bettie Morrison (Elizabeth) and her words on success and values.  She also wrote: “It would be a great thing if each of us could realize that even our little life is planned of God, and if we would fit into that plan how much better it would be for us and all concerned.  Our catechism says that we are created to ‘glorify God,’ and if we miss the purpose for which we were created, we have deliberately thwarted God’s plan and purpose for our lives, and we shall inevitably fail of that which is highest and best in this life, and that which is to come.”
I would add that when we see our life as part of God’s plan of salvation, we live in peace.  How often do we live beneath our calling?  A call to follow Jesus is more than an occupation, it is a lifestyle of glorifying God in all things.  From something grand and glorious to the humblest of daily activities, all are considered important to God and part of living in God’s Spirit.  It is not something to be achieved or earned, it is something to be experienced with every single breath.
I’m sure you have enjoyed floating on an inflatable at some point in your life.  Either in a pool, a lake, or in the ocean, floating on an inflatable can be relaxing.  While one floats, one simply is—nothing is needed but to rest on the float.  In a similar way, when we realize our life is part of God’s larger narrative of salvation, we float.  We resist the temptation to be more or less than what we truly are—a child of God. 
You are part of God’s plan, His work of redemption for all things.  Begin today seeing yourself as part of that narrative.  Everything you do, even the simplest of things, is part of the story.  

 This Week’s Readings:
*Monday – Luke 21
*Tuesday – Luke 22
*Wednesday – Luke 23
*Thursday – Luke 24
*Friday – Acts 1

Prayer Requests:
*Continued blessings in the New Year 2023.
*Heal those who are sick and protect those who are not.
*Comfort those who are grieving and in distress.
*Wisdom for our leaders as they navigate through uncertain times.
*Guidance for those seeking to find their way.
*Continued Growth Inside and Outside the Walls of St. Paul UMC.

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done.” – Philippians 4:6