First Steps – January 7, 2019

Words to live by according to Francis De Sales from his book, The Devout Life:

“If you are caught in a fault you must certainly humble yourself and admit your responsibility. If you are the target of an unjust accusation, politely deny your guilt. You owe it to both truth and your neighbor. If you continue to be accused after you have made a true and legitimate explanation, don’t let that bother you. There is no need to try to force anyone to agree with your explanation. After you discharge your duty to truth, then discharge your duty to humility. Try not to complain.”

I think De Sales is correct in his encouragement to humble oneself and admit one’s responsibility when there is fault. Learn to not blame shift or make excuses. However, if another continues to accuse unjustly, there might not be anything else one can do but move on after you discharge your duty to truth.  Behind his teaching is authenticity.  Be real—Don’t fake it.

This week’s reading:

  • Monday – John 16
  • Tuesday – John 17
  • Wednesday – John 18
  • Thursday – John 19
  • ​Friday – John 20

Please Pray for:

  • The New Year 2019 and all those who will grow in Christ this year
  • St Paul’s upcoming Marriage Retreat
  • Our Nation and Leaders