First Steps – April 16, 2018

Elizabeth Canham in her book, Heart Whispers: Benedictine Wisdom for Today, wrote, “Being in the present moment is no easy task, especially when we are interrupted by someone who needs our attention at a crucial time in some project. But attentiveness is what stability asks of us; this is how we express hospitality as we let go of what we are doing and pay attention to the person who needs our love. Hospitable stability says yes to the present moment whether it brings discomfort or joy, boredom or excitement, because it always offers us the opportunity to welcome Christ into consciousness and to refuse an easy escape into the fantasy world of self-fulfillment. We can only be fully ourselves when we know who we are as members of the community of faith, serving one another in partnership with God.”

Years ago, a trusted mentor told me that ministry often happens in our interruptions. When a crisis arises or the status quo is altered, it creates an opportunity to grow and mature if we can stay in the present moment. Anxiety and fear want to steer one down a road of “what ifs,” which occupies time and energy. Often, they lead to paralysis. Therefore, when the crisis arises or status quo is altered, first pray for the ability to stay in that moment. Then ask God for the strength, patience, and fortitude to be attentive and faithful. He will guide you.

This week’s reading:

  • Monday – Acts 12
  • Tuesday – Acts 13
  • Wednesday – Acts 14
  • Thursday – Acts 15
  • Friday – Acts 16

Please Pray for:

  • Families grieving the loss of loved ones
  • The Unwillingly absent members
  • High School & College Seniors preparing for graduation
  • The St. Paul Ministers and Staff family
  • Building Renovations, Modifications, and Phase 3: Construction of
  • New Youth Building and rear parking
  • Our Nation and Our Leaders