Hurricane Harvey Relief

Dear St Paul Family,

Like many of you, over the last few days, I have been distressed by the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.  One of my best friends, Dr. John Stephens — the current Sr. Minister of Chapelwood UMC in Houston, and former minister of St. Peter UMC in Columbus, GA —  lives in Houston, TX.  You can watch his CNN interview below.

Many have asked how one might help.

Here Are Two Things You Can Do Now:
  1. Please continue to pray for those whose lives have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Please also pray for the First Responders, disaster coordinators, and many, many volunteers who are working around the clock to rescue and rebuild.
  2. Give monetary donations to relief and recovery efforts by giving directly to St. Paul UMC.  Click here to make your donation online.   If giving by check, please mark your giving “Disaster Relief.”  Every dollar counts and can make a difference.

In times like this, we are confronted with the depravity of life.  It is tragic and heart wrenching to behold.  However, there is something beautiful that will come out of this:  the power of a loving community.  When people seek to love another by meeting the needs of those suffering and hurting, we see the power of the divine.  I’m convinced this is one of the proofs of God’s goodness.  The fact that there is goodness in the world, people who love and care because that is the right thing to do is evidence of something bigger than us.

May God bless you as you care for those in need.