Connecting April 5 – April 11


Sunday, April 5 | “Social Distancing and The Church” [DISCUSSION QUESTIONS]
Worship @ 9AM, 11AM, 1PM & 4PM

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Monday, April 6 – Friday, April 10 | Mid-Day Prayer
Each Weekday @ 12:15PM


Sunday, April 5 | “Sunday School Live”
w/ Logan Olgetree @10:30AM on Instagram

Sunday, April 5 | “It Is Finished” SNY w/ Wyatt Detrick & Hannah Weaver leading Worship
w/ Laura Marvets Teaching @5PM on Instagram Zoom Hang Out // SNY Discussion @5:30PM

Monday, April 6 | “Mindfulness Monday”
w/ Laura Marvets @8PM on Instagram

Tuesday, April 7 | “Teach Us Something”
w/ John Fugh III & Jack Wright @ 12PM on Instagram

Wednesday, April 8 | “Face of Encouragement”
w/ Alex King @8AM on Instagram

Wednesday, April 8 | “Midweek Zoom Chat”
w/ Logan Ogletree & Laura Marvets @5PM on Zoom

Thursday, April 9 | “Throw-Down Thursday”
w/ Logan Ogletree & Phillip Walker @4PM on Instagram

Friday, April 10 | “Friday Family Challenge”
Coke Bottle Drinking Contest
w/ Hudson Family @12PM on Instagram

Saturday, April 11 | “Show Off Saturday”
Take a Picture or Video of something fun you are doing today. Post it on Instagram and tag @SPYCOLGA


All Children’s Online events will be posted on Sally’s YouTube Channel @10AM
You can also stay up to date on St. Paul Kids Events on Instagram.
Sunday, April 5 | “Children’s Sermon”
w/ Sally Bowden @ 9AM, 11AM, 1PM, & 4PM

Monday, April 6 | “Music Monday”

Tuesday, April 7 | “Trivia Tuesday”

Wednesday, April 8 | “Wacky Wednesday”

Thursday, April 9 | “Throwdown Thursday”

Friday, April 10 | “Family Challenge Friday”


Sunday, April 5 | “Seekers’ Sunday School”
The Walk by Adam Hamilton
@10AM on Zoom. Contact Mary Lou for more information.

Sunday, April 5 | “Welcome In” Sunday School Class
w/ Buddy Cooper @10AM on Zoom.
Contact Buddy at for more information.

Tuesday, April 7 | “Grace Bible Study”
Fearless by Max Lucado w/ Grace Bailey @11AM. Contact Grace for more information.

Tuesday, April 7 | “Spring Harbor Bible Study”
The Book of Acts
w/ John Fugh @4PM. Contact John for more information.
Call In: (706) 507-9085  PIN 1952#

Thursday, April 9 | “Preschool Mom’s Study”   Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado
w/ Grace Bailey @9AM. Contact Grace for more information.