Get Ready for Small Groups!

If you missed being part of a small group in the Fall, please consider joining Small Groups this season! Think of how much Jesus’ friends learned in His small group setting. Groups are fun, easy-going, non-intimidating, and often work very well to find a time of worship among peers. Plus, our Small Groups are supported with Sunday Sermon Series.

You will be hearing from Group Leaders soon! If you want to join a group, please contact

A Wednesday Bible Study Opportunity!

Join Mary Lou on a journey through the book of Ruth to learn more about how God can work in ways we don’t always see. Thanks be to God! Please read Ruth 2: 5 -13 before gathering, and here’s a question to ponder: What is the kindest thing you’ve seen someone do for another person?

Contact if you have any questions or need the Zoom link. All are welcome!

2018 Winter/Spring Bible Study Opportunities for the Family

Make plans for 2018 to grow your faith in community.

Search Events for your age group or look at the brochure below.

For more information, reach out to Mary Lou Jarrell (




Bible Study Options Winter-Spring 2018