Where Will You Serve?

Over the past few weeks, you may have seen a brochure entitled “Sharing… Faith and Love…by Serving God” in your bulletin or in your mail box.  By taking just a few minutes to pray and to respond, not only will you be helping St. Paul in her planning for ministries for next year, but you’ll also be opening up the box of gifts and talents God gives to each of us. Once opened, those gifts are intended to share, to serve, and to glorify God.

Won’t you open one gift this Advent Season a little early?  Share your faith and love in 2018.

By selecting “YES” below, you can complete our on-line version of the brochure you’ve seen.  If you prefer to fill out a hard copy, that’s great too.

Rev. Dr. Shane Green
Sr. Minister
Mrs. Mary Lou Jarrell
Connections Coordinator