Kick Off the New Year with Sunday School

Kick off Final

Grades K3-6th will compete for a Super Bowl Sunday school party. Help your class score touchdowns just by being present January 7-28!  Each child present will gain 10 yards on the field for their class.

We have the greatest “coaches” in town to guide children growing in their faith!

Marsha Mason
Lisa Fugh

Sara Varner
Robin Gosling

Eliza Brewer
Kathryn Mansfield
Meredith Waddell

First Grade
Debbie Powell
Lauren Briscoe
Karen Clark

Second Grade
Michelle Hudson
Cathryn Pease

Third Grade
Everett Bailey

Fourth Grade
Roy Hightower

Fifth Grade
Shelley and Rick Hill
Bo Bickerstaff

Sixth Grade
Tammy and Matthew Reynolds

In His Service,
Donna Hightower
Director of Children’s Ministry