First Steps – November 27, 2017

Each morning I start my day with a few daily devotionals and prayerful reflection.  My goal is to begin the day centered in the presence of God.  If I start there, then I can stay centered as the day unfolds.  A few weeks ago, one of my devotionals had this prayer:

O Blessed God, grant me the grace this day to rest and remember that there is nothing I have to do, nothing I have to buy and sell, nothing I have to produce or consume in order to become who I already am:  your beloved creation.

Release me from my overworked self and help those who cannot rest today from their need to draw worth from production.  Usher me into the liberty of your grace that flows freely from the joy of your love.”

Begin your day with this prayer!

This week’s reading:

Monday – Mark 1, 2
Tuesday – Mark 3, 4
Wednesday – Mark 5, 6
Thursday – Mark 7, 8
Friday – Mark 9, 10

Please Pray for:
Family relationships during the holidays
Travel mercies for all this holiday season

God Bless,