What Does It Mean to Be A Christian and How to Become One? [Worship]

This Week’s Service:

The Welcome & Announcements: Mrs. Mary Lou Jarrell
The Cross and Flame Come to the Altar
The Prelude: “Sinfonia: God’s Time Is Best” by J.S. Bach
The Hymn of Celebration: “And Can It Be that I Should Gain”
The Affirmation of Faith
The Gloria Patri
The Baptism of Ann Davis Brown (Daughter of Jeb & Sarah Brown; granddaughter of Jeff & Pam Gordon and Kin & Beth Brown)
The Baptismal Hymn of Response: “Jesus Loves Me”
The Pastoral Prayer with The Lord’s Prayer – Mrs. Mary Lou Jarrell
The Offertory Prayer
The Offertory Anthem: “Andante” by Anonymous from 18th Century
The Doxology
The Scripture Lesson: Acts 11:19-26; Acts 16:29-34
The Passing of the Peace
The Registration of Attendance
The Welcome to St. Paul and Recognition of our Guests
The Children’s Moment Rev. Dr. Shane Green
The Sermon Series: Questions I’ve Always Wanted to Ask: “What Does It Mean to Be A Christian and How to Become One?”: Rev. Dr. Shane Green
Hymn of Consecration: “And Are We Yet Alive”
The Flame Goes Before Us into the World
The Benediction
The Postlude: “All Glory Be to God on High” by J. Pachelbel