TBT: A Ukraine Mission Flashback from 2012

Tammy Reynolds reminisces: “One of my very favorite videos of all the mission trips to the orphanages in Ukraine! How appropriate for this to be the “Throwback Thursday” video for Thanksgiving.  The number of times that the children say thank you in this video are almost too many to keep up with!  For all of the “thank yous” that are not verbalized, just take a look at the big smiles on everyone’s faces, orphan children as well as the St. Paul team, and know that those grins are full of gratitude as well!!”

Throw Back Thursdays! “Would you…Could you…?”

Our “Way-Back” machine stopped on August 28, 2014 and focuses in on our wonderful Preschool! There’s no stopping the preschool teachers from getting “wet behind the ears” in this one.  Enjoy!

Throwback Thursday Videos! The Secret Life of a Leader (Episode 4)

Welcome to Throwback Thursdays!

We go back several years to a video series created for Kid’s Summer Camp in 2013.  This is Episode 4 of 4 entitled “The Secret Life of a Leader.”

Our camp theme was “Rooted In Love”, based on Ephesians 3:17-18.  Just for fun our videos were “The Secret Lives of Camp Leaders.”  You could possibly say it was what we loved or what we were rooted in, but it was pure fun!