Wildwood Class

The Wildwood class welcomes anyone of any age in any stage of Christian learning.  Members range from 45-75 years of age.  Various topics are discussed based on a study of the Bible or selected topics.  Enjoy refreshments before the class which starts at 10:00am.

Eight teachers rotate.

Various topics.

This class meets in The Wildwood Classroom (M150)

The Wildwood Classroom (M150)

The Wildwood Room is home to the Wildwood Sunday School Class. Also called the “Illges Parlor”, the room serves as the “Bride’s room” for Sanctuary weddings.  It is found on the ground floor, and has an entrance on the Forrest Avenue side of the church.  The room includes a small grand piano.

Available Technology: Available Upon Request.  No Internet Access.

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Seekers Class

Seekers’ Summer Supper Out at the River
Fun time was had by all who could make it and those who couldn’t were missed!  Rains did not damper our time together.

The Seekers Class is a class of both singles and couples in the 40-70 age range.   Coffee, cokes, and donut holes are enjoyed before the beginning of the class.  The class holds quarterly dinners at a local restaurant or a class member’s home for fellowship and community building.

Three teachers rotate the teaching role with occasional guest speakers.

Various topics featuring lecture, discussion, and videos.

This class meets in The Cornerstone Classroom (M234)

The Cornerstone Classroom (M234)

The Cornerstone Classroom is home for the Seeker’s Class and many other activities and meetings throughout the week.

Available Technology: Wireless Internet, Wall Mounted TV, HDMI Inputs, DVD/Blu-Ray Player, RightNow Media on ROKU.

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Wesley and Miller-Wilson Class

The Wesley and Miller-Wilson class is a group of adults of mixed ages who are both single and married.  They enjoy using the International Lesson Series and sometimes study selected topics or interests such as missions.  Most members are in the 60+ age range.  Coffee and refreshments are provided before the beginning of the class.

Seven teachers rotate with lecture and discussion format.

The International Lesson Series and Selected Topics.

This class meets in The Wesley & Miller-Wilson Classroom (M235)

The Wesley & Miller-Wilson Classroom (M235)

The Wesley Miller-Wilson Classroom is home to the Wesley Sunday School Class and hosts various meetings.  Includes a small grand piano, and a separate entrance from the Clark Circle driveway.

Available Technology: Wireless Internet, Wall Mounted TV, HDMI Inputs, DVD/BluRay Player, RightNow Media on ROKU, Sound Amplification.

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