S2E3: The Good, The Bad, and God’s Grace

Mama and the Rev (SPUMCColumbus)
Mama and the Rev (SPUMCColumbus)
S2E3: The Good, The Bad, and God's Grace

Hosts: Emily Trotter and John Fugh, Jr.

In This Episode: In his book “Free to Live,” John Eldredge wrote, “We cannot begin to truly face our lives in the light of God’s goodness until we know we are under His grace … that all is forgiven.” The implications of this are overwhelming. We are not born with a limited amount of God’s grace. Just when we think we’ve exhausted it, we’re amazed that God has more to give!

Click on the following link to listen to Emily’s sermon, “All about that Grace.” http://spumccolumbus.com/podcast/october-10-2021-all-about-that-grace-emily-trotter/

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