Episode 5: Willing to Wait (Part 1)

Episode 5: Willing to Wait (Part 1)

Join Emily Trotter and John Fugh, Jr for a study on the significance of the Holy Spirit in our lives today.

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Scripture References: Philippians 2:5-11 | Psalm 27:13 | 2 Corinthians 1:20 | Genesis 12:1-3 | Psalm 46:10 | 1 John 3:1 | Acts 1:6-8 | Isaiah 40:28-31 | Psalm 143:10 | Ephesians 3:20-21

Truth Spring Academy (https://www.truthspring.org)

Waiting for the Lord is not just killing time.

Doubt has a negative effect on our confidence.

When God asks us to wait, we take it as an invitation that wants us to do something on our own. While we’re waiting and idle, it doesn’t mean that God is idle.

If you are waiting on God, you are watching for God.

In the midst of waiting, God becomes our sustenance.

Waiting makes us so vulnerable. It requires us to be dependent upon someone else.

Our faith and confidence in God is dependent upon our willingness to trust and wait on God.

Waiting reminds us that we are not the center, and there’s not a thing we can do about it.

Waiting reveals to others something about us. Waiting reveals to us something about God.

Unfortunately, we are convinced that our identity directly comes from what we do. In our relationship with God, there’s something about embracing and remembering who we are as children of God.

Rest assured in the time of waiting that the Lord your God is the everlasting God.

Waiting is not killing time. Waiting is looking around and looking for the God who spoke and creation leapt into existence.

Waiting is not sitting around and not doing anything. Waiting is the active anticipation of what’s next.

Carlos Whitaker: “The way to catch up to the voice of God is not speeding up but slowing down.”

God graciously makes His vitality available to our fallen world with only one condition: Wait on God.

To wait on God is to admit that we have no other help in ourselves or any other person or thing. Waiting on the Lord is a constant declaration of our confidence in Him.

Waiting on God is our confidence expectation in God.