Patterns [WORSHIP]

Order of Worship
Sunday, May 8, 2022
11:00 AM Traditional Worship
High School Senior Sunday
Mother’s Day

The Chiming of the Hour
The Welcome and Announcements by Rev. John Fugh, Jr.
The Choral Call to Worship: “This Is the Day”
The Cross & Flame Come to the Altar
The Prelude: “Laudation” by Gilbert Martin
The Processional Hymn: “Come, Christians, Join to Sing”
The Affirmation of Faith
The Gloria Patri
The Pastoral Prayer with The Lord’s Prayer by Mr. Bo Trotter
The Introduction of Graduation Gifts & Recognition of High School Seniors by Mrs. Laura Marvets
The Introduction of the Class of 2022 Speakers by Mr. Logan Ogletree
The Class of 2022 – Speakers by Miss Ellie Tommey & Mr. Russell Makepeace
The Offertory Prayer
The Offertory Anthem: “The Blessing” by Mr. Jake Hess, III and Ms. Caroline Green
The Doxology
The Scripture Lesson: Amos 2:6-8; Psalm 1 by Miss Raley Powell
The Registration of Attendance
The Welcome to St. Paul and Recognition of our Guests
The Children’s Moment by Rev. Dr. Shane Green
The Sermon: “Patterns” by Rev. Dr. Shane Green
The Recessional Hymn: “The Gift of Love”
The Cross and Flame Go Before Us into the World
The Benediction and Choral Response: “3-fold Amen”
The Postlude: “Processional” by M. Sullivan