First Steps – May 21, 2018

Thomas a’ Kempis once said:
“Why are you upset when things don’t go the way you wish? Who gets everything his/her way? I don’t. You don’t. No one does. Not one person on earth—not even a king or a pope—has a problem-free life. Do you know who can deal with troubles best? It is the person who is willing to suffer something for God. Thoughtless people say, ‘Look at the happy life that person leads! Money! Prestige! Power!’ But if you consider the riches of heaven, you will see that these earthly things are inconsequential, undependable, and more a burden than a privilege.  They are always accompanied by anxiety and fear.  Our happiness does not depend upon owning a lot of things.  Having enough to get along will do.

Life on earth involves misery. The spiritually perceptive person is even more aware of this because that person sees clearly the effects of human corruption…Friend, don’t give up your spiritual journey.”

If no one gets everything their way and life involves some misery, then perhaps our efforts in life should focus more on the one who brings comfort and peace. Faith in God transcends circumstances. Trust in him in all things and you will find what you need in all things.


This week’s reading:

  • Monday – Mark 9
  • Tuesday – Mark 10
  • Wednesday – Mark 11
  • Thursday – Mark 12
  • Friday – Mark 13

Please Pray for:

  • Our Military –  leaders and soldiers
  • Our families, workplace, church, and community
  • Those grieving the loss of loved ones
  • Building Renovations, Modifications, and Phase 3: Construction of New Youth Building and rear parking