Building Project Update (March 2, 2018)


Our construction project is continuing with work now having started on the new Youth facility we’re building.  Site grading and demolition has begun and the Boy Scout hut will soon be moved to it’s new location back from where it currently sits.  There is a lot of grading and leveling to be done in addition to multiple de-watering installations that will be constructed into the site and building foundation.

The Sanctuary is nearing completion with the paint work almost finished.  The new carpet has been installed and the pew cushions will soon be returning.  The fire sprinkler system and new air handler for the Sanctuary air conditioning have been installed.

We’ve also installed a new voice evacuation system throughout the church so we can notify either all or selected parts of the church facility of any emergency that may be occurring.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this effort to be good stewards of the wonderful resource God has given us.

Sugar Eggs

REAL: Relationships, Encouragement, Accountability, Love

PROGRAM: Making Sugar Eggs with Melanie Fuller

This is a 2-Day Event.  Cost is $20 for both days.

REAL Poster March 2018


Our goal is to build relationships, to provide emotional and spiritual encouragement, to hold each other accountable for being resent and to grow in our love of God and each other through fellowship and service.

Our meeting times are joyous as well as meaningful as we share our creativity and delve into scripture.

We highlight talented individuals and special ministries of St. Paul in our monthly meetings.



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