First Steps – April 23, 2018

I have a friend who is a golf equipment junkie. Whatever is the newest club, golf ball, or latest gadget, he has got to have it. Just about every time we play a round of golf, something new is in his bag.  If it isn’t a new club, it is the latest teaching or swing concept. In golf, technology is very helpful, but the discipline of practice is what is most important. People become good golfers by practicing and perfecting their game. Hours spent on the driving range, on the putting green, and on the course is what make one good. There are no quick fixes to a good golf game.

The same can be said for our spiritual lives. Often, one will look for the newest worship service, the latest teaching by the hottest spiritual guru, or something that is the next quick fix to holiness. Like my friend, there might be an initial tick up, but old habits don’t magically disappear. They are still there. A holy life is the result of spiritual disciplines directed by the Spirit of God. Discipleship isn’t flashy or quick. It is a slow walk with God, day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and minute-by-minute. The key is to be present with God each day, hour, and minute.

So, are you a spiritual junkie? If so, resist the temptation for the next latest thing. Find solace in a discipline life. Start small—one discipline at a time. Practice the presence of God in everything.




This week’s reading:

  • Monday – Acts 17
  • Tuesday – Acts 18
  • Wednesday – Acts 19
  • Thursday – Acts 20
  • Friday – Acts 21

Please Pray for:

  • Those grieving the loss of loved ones
  • Those that are Unwillingly absent
  • High School & College Seniors preparing for graduation
  • The St. Paul Ministers and Staff family
  • Building Renovations, Modifications, and Phase 3: Construction of New Youth Building and rear parking
  • Our Nation and Our Leaders