Keeping Sabbath

Summer provides an opportunity for Sabbath. Many will frequent the beach, the mountains, or some other destination for needed rest and relaxation.  During these breaks, we are afforded the opportunity to recharge our bodies, physically, mentality, emotionally, and relationally. Frankly, we need it. At the same time, don’t neglect your spirituality. Sabbath breaks weren’t designed to be an absence of a spiritual component. From the very beginning, God and Sabbath are linked. We need to take a break from our normal routine because we are more than a commodity. People are not things. Sabbath reinforces this core understanding of how God values a person.

Therefore, as you travel this summer, look for spiritual opportunities to stay connected. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Worship—Perhaps there is a church near to where you are traveling. If not, don’t forget our St. Paul’s online ministry. You can live stream our worship services or watch one that has been archived.
  2. Private Devotions—There are countless devotional books, magazines, or resources that travel well. They provide an excellent opportunity to focus your thoughts towards God.
  3. Journals—Writing your reflections is very similar to writing prayers. It creates a God-centered antenna. It teaches you to look for where God is working in your life.
  4. Online Bible Studies—Our RightNow Media Resource has thousands of studies where you can chose the subject, the time, and pace by which you can participate.

Consider these ways to stay connected as you travel. Keeping Sabbath is important. As you do, look for ways to grow in your faith. God bless.