First Steps – October 16, 2017

Steve Harper, former President of Asbury Seminary (Orlando), said that “mysteries do not yield to quick fixes and simple formulas, and sometimes they never yield at all. Prayer is no different. You can have a prayer life and choose to avoid the mysteries. Or you can include the mysteries in your praying, knowing that even when you do, some will remain.” Often we need the complexity of mystery when life doesn’t make sense.

We long for certainty that is why we crave control.  Therefore, when we can’t control our life, we struggle.  Learning to hover in the midst of mystery can lead to acceptance of things we can’t change or control.  It is here that prayer can be our biggest friend.

This week, allow God to envelop you.  Center yourself—and the things you can’t control nor understand—in the presence of the one who can.  You don’t have to understand it all to believe.  You don’t have be in control to be at peace.

This week’s reading:

Monday – Luke 11
Tuesday – Luke 12
Wednesday – Luke 13
Thursday – Luke 14
Friday – Luke 15

Prayer Requests:
Those affected by wildfires in California
Upcoming All Saints Sunday Service, November 5, 2017

God Bless,