Pledge Support for 2023

Dear St. Paul Family,

In physics, one of Newton’s Law of Motion states that a body at rest or moving will remain at rest or continue moving until it is acted upon by force.  The same could be said for a person or a church.  Therefore, momentum is important.  Our congregational future is dependent upon the continual momentum of witness and commitment.  We exist to grow the faith of people by creating an environment where people engage different catalysts thus yielding growth in faith.  Each one of us has a part to play in creating the right faith-environment so that collectively we grow together.

This means what you do matters to the Kingdom of God.  Your witness and faithfulness counts.  By embracing spiritual disciplines, our individual commitments are synergetic yielding an effective witness of God’s grace to our community.  I’m asking you to consider joining St. Paul’s Missional Efforts for 2023.  We need your commitment of financial generosity, service, worship, study, and accountability.  For some, continue your current momentum.  Don’t stop your momentum of commitment.  For others, overcome inertia by the force of commitment and discipline.  Begin praying about how you might participate.

Generosity:  Pledge to our 2023 Ministry Budget by completing the form below by February 19, 2023.

Service: Consider how you might serve God via Inside the Walls or Outside the Walls or St. Paul.

Worship:  Commit to both worship and prayer by setting goals for your participation in worship (weekly, 2x per month, etc.). Commit to daily prayers with St. Paul’s Methods of Prayer.

Study: Commit to study by reading the Bible through our First Step weekly devotional and daily texts.  Click here for a list of current Bible studies offered this winter/spring.

Accountability:  Join a Spring/Fall Small Group­­. Contact Kathy Hollon or Theresa Holzknecht for more information.

We strive to be a people in continual motion with God’s Spirit.  There is enough inertia in our world.  We can change our community, one person at a time, by our commitment.  Join me in the effort to change our world.

A copy of our Narrative Budget is available for you by clicking here.  Please contact the church office with any questions.

Rev. Dr. Shane Green