Pledge Support for 2022

The name Mother Teresa is still honored though it has been 25 years since her death. Because of her unyielding commitment to a life of simplicity and service, she was wealthy in ways many can only imagine. Her relational influence affected people in all walks of life. Today, I think the world is ripe for a similar witness. It needs both a personal witness and a communal witness of people living fearlessly for Jesus Christ and who long to change the world by their witness of God’s redeeming love. I think St. Paul can be that community.

Therefore, your witness counts. Your faithfulness counts. Columbus, Georgia needs a living authentic witness of followers of Christ who work to see God’s Kingdom come today. It takes individuals working as a unified body to make a difference. I’m asking you to consider joining the mission ministries for 2022. We need your commitment to generosity, service, worship, accountability, and study.

By embracing Spiritual Disciplines, our faith grows and becomes a living witness that Jesus is alive and our Savior reigns. Over these next few months, prayerfully consider how you will participate.

Generosity: Pledge to the 2022 Ministry Budget below.

Service: Serve Inside the walls/Outside walls/Start a new ministry – more information can be found online here or reach out to Mary Lou Jarrell, Connection Coordinator.

Worship: Commit to both worship and to prayer – set goals for number of times (weekly, 2x per month, etc.) to join St. Paul family in the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall or Illges Chapel for Sunday worship. Commit to daily prayers with St. Paul’s Methods of Prayer Guide.

Accountability: Join a Small Group (Sunday School or Small Group Ministries) – more information can be found online or reach out to Mary Lou Jarrell.

Study: Commit to Study – which can be a pledge to read the entire Bible over the year through Dr. Green’s First Steps Monday Devotional or to sign up for one of the Bible studies led by others or to explore the ones available on RightNow Media. The list of current Bible studies offered this winter/spring is available here or around the church. If you are not signed up to receive the First Steps devotional and would like to, please contact the church office.

There is enough depravity, negativity, and selfishness in the world, therefore, be the change. Mother Teresa burned with a conviction that no person should die alone. From that simple conviction, she changed the world. We can do the same.