MISSION: To Grow the Faith of Children

At St Paul UMC we offer a preschool program to children eight weeks to five years of age. God’s love is our central message conveyed within a caring and Christian environment that helps children to develop personal worth and a positive self- image. In each of our classrooms, teachers develop and implement lesson plans that are age appropriate and designed to nurture each child’s own needs. At St Paul we feel it is our responsibility to expose each child to a variety of learning methods in order to instill in them a love of learning at an early age. We want each child to feel successful and we will do our best to foster each child’s self esteem and sense of worth. Every child is a gift from God and we recognize this gift and feel fortunate to have each and every child in our program.



Schedule & Tuition: Our program meets Monday-Friday, 9-1. We offer four options.
2 Days: Tuesday/Thursday- $170
3 Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday- $190
4 Days: Monday-Thursday- $210
5 Days: Monday-Friday- $230

*Early drop-off is available at 8:30. Late pick-up is available until 1:30.

Classes & Programs: At St Paul we integrate Creative Play into our High Reach Curriculum because we feel that a “child’s play is a child’s work”. As children blossom from infancy into toddler hood and beyond, the scope of our program expands to provide age appropriate activities for every child. The children will develop a sense of self, sharing and relating to others by playing with manipulative toys, hearing stories read aloud, role playing, listening to music, enjoying playground time and sharing snacks. We make sure our teachers and classrooms are equipped with the tools needed to help children grow in these five areas:

  1. Physical development: development of fine and gross motor skills.
  2. Emotional development: building a positive self-image and sense of worth.
  3. Social development: fostering respect for self and others.
  4. Intellectual development: developing a positive attitude toward learning.
  5. Spiritual development: providing a spiritual foundation by promoting the love of God in a Christian environment and content.

Chapel: Chapel is a special time for our children at St Paul. Grace Bailey, our Director of Christian Education, teaches our children information related to Christianity two days a week in our historic Illges Chapel. Iconography and symbolism are explained through stories and prayer on a level that the children can understand and relate to.

Music: The children attend music with their class two days a week. We are fortunate to have St Paul’s director of music, Wayne Martz, teaching our children. These classes build on a child’s natural love of music. The children sing, dance and play instruments while developing motor skills through rhythm. Songs vary in theme from nursery rhymes, Bible stories, counting, letters, seasons, and holidays.

JumpBunch: This is a program that is offered at St Paul. It is offered one day a week for 30 minutes per day. It is an additional cost of $35 per month. An outside instructor comes in to our facility and brings all of her equipment. The children are exposed to a variety of hands on and physical activities. JumpBunch offers one free class per child to see if they would like to participate. Parents are welcome to watch this exciting activity!



For more information:

Nan Konze

Director of Preschool


Phone: 706-327-7419 x 215