First Steps – July 31, 2017

David Muskens, in his book Forty Days to a Closer Walk with God, says, “As I am fully present to God, I become the kind of person who is wholly present to others. I can give no greater gift. When I am present I am considerate, giving undivided attention to the pern’s words and feelings at the moment. People deeply need this gift of being appreciated and attended, especially in times of distress. The first task of ministry is to be present to people in their need.”

To be loving and present to another, first means I need to be present to God. When I’m present to God, I find myself in the right frame of mind and disposition of the heart to want to be present to another. What we do vertically (with God) influences what we do horizontally (with others). Therefore, cultivate the vertical so that you can help the horizontal. This week, look for ways to be fully present to God and watch what happens to the people around you.

I invite you to read the Bible with me – This week’s reading:
Monday – John 6
Tuesday – John 7
Wednesday – John 8
Thursday – John 9
Friday – John 10

Please pray for:
* The St. Paul UMC Capital Building Campaign.
* The United Methodist Church.
* Our Nation and Leaders.
* St. Paul Youth who are participating in Global Missions.
* Teachers and Students as they prepare to return to school.