First Steps – January 14, 2019

Additional words to live by according to Francis De Sales, The Devout Life:

“Try not to complain.  Egotism always thinks the injuries are worse than they are.  Most importantly, never complain to someone who is quick-tempered and cranky.  If you absolutely must protest to someone in order to correct an offense or to recover your peace of mind, then find a calm person who really loves God.  For the hot-tempered person, instead of helping your situation, will stir up even more trouble.  Instead of pulling the thorn out of your foot, that person will drive it in even deeper.”

What would your life look like it if everyone complained less?  Often when we complain, we make things worse.  De Sales mentioned something worth remembering which is that if we do complain, then complain to someone who is not quick-tempered or cranky.  Their response might make things worst.  Non-anxiousness breeds non-anxiousness!  Cultivate a non-anxious presence.

This week’s reading:

  • Monday – John 21
  • Tuesday – 1 John 1
  • Wednesday – 1 John 2
  • Thursday – 1 John 3
  • Friday – ​1 John 4
Please Pray for:
  • The New Year 2019 and all those who will grow in Christ this year
  • St Paul’s upcoming Marriage Retreat
  • Our Nation and Leaders