First Steps – January 6, 2020

As you begin this new year, focus on the words of Brother Lawrence.  In his book, The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence stated:

“There is nothing in the world as delightful as a continual walk with God.  Only those who have experienced it can comprehend it.  And yet I do not recommend that you seek it solely because it is what God wants.  Do it because of love, and because it is what God wants…Please get started now.  [It doesn’t matter how old you are] It is better late than never… For my part, I spend as much time as possible alone with him at the very center of my soul.  As long as I am with him, I am afraid of nothing, but the least turning away from him is unbearable…Don’t be discourage if you find this hard to do.  If you just try it a little, you will consider it wasted time.  Stick to it!  Resolve to persevere…”

Make this a goal for 2020.  Devote this year to growing in faith, seeking God in all that you do.  God will not let you down.  You will be strengthened and find greater fulfillment in all that you do.  

This week’s reading:
Monday –  Matthew 18
Tuesday – Matthew 19
Wednesday – Matthew 20
Thursday – Matthew 21
Friday – Matthew 22

Please Pray for:
The Ministers and St. Paul UMC family.
Those who are unwillingly absent.
Those who are grieving and depressed.
The United Methodist Church.
Our nation and our leaders.
The World.