First Steps – February 12, 2018

The Winter Olympics have just begun. I love the Olympics, winter or summer makes no difference—I’m a fan. I marvel at each country’s athletes who train their entire life for the hope and chance of a gold medal.  I always watch the Olympic games full of anxiety for all who compete.

Often, just before and during each Olympics, past medal winners are interviewed. We are all reminded of their journeys, struggles, and accomplishments.  This past week, I listened to Michelle Kwan’s interview. She is the most decorated U.S. skater with two Winter Olympic medals, five-time World Champion medals, and nine-time U.S. Champion medals. I remember watching her compete. She was the epitome of grace.

What I didn’t know was that in 1993 she competed in her first U.S. completion finishing sixth. She fell four times! For a skater, that is the worst. Interestingly enough, she could have quit, stopped, given up to pursue something else. However, she stayed the course; perfected her technique through discipline and hard work. As I listened to her interview, I thought of the value of spiritual disciplines. For the Christ-Follower, spiritual disciplines are the countless hours of faith practice yielding the nature of Christ inside the nature of the believer.

Don’t discount the countless times you practice your faith, even if you can’t see the effects of it. Like an Olympic athlete, practice makes perfect. Moment by moment, God is perfecting your nature so that it looks like the nature of Christ.


This week’s reading:
Monday – John 12-14
Tuesday – John 15-18
Wednesday – John 19-21
Thursday – 1 John 1-5
Friday – 2 John, 3 John

Please Pray for:
Our Nation and Our Leaders
Phase 2 (Renovation of Current Facilities)
Phase 3 (Construction of New Youth Building)
For all those affected by the flu epidemic