First Steps – August 12, 2019

A saint of the church once said:

“Each day is unique. There are cloudy days and sunny; wet days and dry; windy days and calm. The seasons roll by as day turns into night and night into day. This variety makes beauty. It’s the same way with your life. There are ups and downs; no two days, no two hours, are ever exactly alike.

“A compass needle always points north regardless of the ship’s course. If we will aspire toward God, the confusing changes of life will not unsteady us.”

I can appreciate that times of change can be beautiful, but they can also be stressful. It is in these seasons of change that something fixed or permanent is needed. By focusing on God as your compass, you are able to sustain any changes of life.

Regardless of what season you find yourself in today, everyone needs a fixed point. Everyone needs something permanent, particularly in an ever-changing world. This week, focus on what is permanent – God’s love and care for you.

This week’s reading:

  • Monday – Luke 16
  • Tuesday – Luke 17
  • Wednesday – Luke 18
  • Thursday – Luke 19
  • Friday – Luke 20


Please Pray for:

  • Students, Teachers, and Parents as the 2019-2020 school year begins.
  • The St. Paul Church family.
  • Those who are unwillingly absent.
  • Those who are grieving and depressed.
  • Ongoing Building Renovations, Modifications.
  • The United Methodist Church.
  • Our nation and our leaders.