St. Paul UMC Financial Commitment for 2018

In 1859, a group of faithful people ventured out to form a fellowship of believers that eventually became St. Paul.  Driven by compassion and a desire to walk in obedience, our church thrived in the downtown area of Columbus.  In 1949, the people of St. Paul sensed God leading them to relocate to our current location today.  Three years later, St. Paul remembered their past so that they could reimagine their future.  We do the same thing today.  Standing on a foundation of faith, we venture out into what can be for tomorrow.

As we prepare for 2018, we remember our past to reimagine our future.  We can’t do this without your faithfulness and generosity towards our Operational Ministry Budget.  You will find our Narrative Budget that gives insight into what we do according to each ministry area.  We have prepared for a 1% increase ($19,454) to last year’s ministry budget.  This increase is the result of an increase in UMC Missional Giving, utility cost, insurance cost, and a small benefit adjustment for program staff.  You will also find an Operational Ministry Financial Pledge Card to complete.  Not only does this card help each giver, it aids our Finance Committee in planning for 2018.

We believe St. Paul exists to grow the faith of people by providing opportunities to give, study, serve, and worship.  Therefore, please prayerfully consider how you will be a part of St. Paul’s desire to grow the faith of others.  Sunday, November 19 is our Consecration Sunday, when we specifically pray for 2018’s ministry endeavors.  I invite you to join me in one of our worship services for this day.

As always, thank you for your faithfulness.  St. Paul is a beautiful church full of people who genuinely seek to follow God.  May God bless you during this time of preparation and consecration.


Prayerfully consider how you’ll be a part of Growing the Faith of People