St. Paul UMC Financial Commitment for 2021

Dear St. Paul Family,

To say our world has changed would be an understatement.  Work, school, travel, and even church have been disrupted due to this Covid pandemic.  With the change, we are jolted into a new normal leaving many feeling out-of-sorts.  As we think about 2021, I’m certain our disrupted life will continue.

Strange as it sounds, this actually creates an opportunity for personal growth and greater community unity.  We have a chance to embrace the things which will make us stronger and more effective, while at the same time to resist stagnation and complacency.  For this reason, much of my prayers have centered around discernment.

In times of disruption, there is a greater premium placed on participation.  Where one can safely participate, we need it.  Personal growth in grace always requires action and effort.  Spiritual growth doesn’t happen by chance.  At the same time, when we participate in the ministries of God, we shine a light of stability and the power of the Gospel.   In times of disorder, there is a larger need for others to feel the peace of Christ and the message of resurrection.  Who better to give that witness than us?

For 2021, St. Paul’s message of hope needs your involvement.  Together, our participation in mission, study, and generosity will provide hope for our community.  Granted, it will look a little different from previous years, but the need for people to live out their faith hasn’t changed.  Enclosed is a copy of our 2021 Narrative Ministry Budget(projected).  The 3% increase is due to a new staff position, to handle the expansion of our online ministries, and additional P/C insurance coverage.

Our consecration method will be altered this year due to the pandemic.  However, St Paul’s Finance Committee still needs your help with the 2021 Ministry Budget.  Our aim is always to live one step beyond caution where we have to exercise our faith.   Therefore, we don’t want to grossly over/underestimate our 2021 Ministry plans.  Instead of a Consecration Sunday, we ask that you complete the form below.

St Paul exists to Grow the Faith of People that only happens by experiencing certain catalysts.  God uses those catalysts as the means to form the nature of Christ inside of us for the transformation of the world.

Grateful for your faith,

Prayerfully consider how you’ll be a part of Growing the Faith of People