Confirmation 2017-2018 Schedule

Confirmation Schedule 2017-2018

9/14/2017Kick-Off Banquet6:30p-8:00pMentors Attend
9/17/2017Greek Orthodox Church Visit
4612 Gilbert Ave; Columbus, GA 31904
9:50a-NoonMentors Attend
*Transportation not provided. Carpool from church.
9/18/2017Mission Possible4:30p-6:00p
9/23/2017Holy Family Church Visit4:40p-7:15pMentors Attend
9/25/2017Mission Possible4:30p-6:00p
9/29/2017-10/1/2017Epworth By The Sea Retreat
10/6/2017Shearith Israel Church Visit6:20p-8:15pMentors Attend
10/16/2017Mission Possible4:30p-6:00p
10/23/2017Mission Possible4:30p-6:00p
10/29/2017Class5:30p-7:30pMentors Attend
10/30/2017Mission Possible4:30p-6:00p
11/12/2017Trinity Episcopal Church Visit10:10a-12:10pMentors Attend
1/21/2018Class5:30p-7:30pMentors Attend
1/22/2018Open Door4:30p-6:00p
1/29/2018Open Door4:30p-6:00p
2/11/2018Class5:30p-7:30pMentors Attend
2/23/2018-2/25/2018Camp ASCCA Retreat
2/26/2018Open Door4:30p-6:00p
3/4/2018Class5:30p-7:30pMentors Attend
3/16/2018Closing Banquet and Rehearsal6:30p-8:30pMentors Attend
3/18/2018Confirmation Sunday10:55a-NoonMentors Attend
  1. For Mission Possible events, transportation provided by church.  Meet at church at indicated time and will return to church at indicated time.
  2. For Church Visit events, transportation provide by church unless otherwise noted.  Meet at church at indicated time and will return to church at indicated time.
  3. Click here for information about Epworth By The Sea Retreat.
  4. Click here for information about Camp ASCCA Retreat.