Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

We celebrated the Senior Class of 2023 in our Traditional Worship Service on May 7th. Graduates, St. Paul would like to congratulate you once again as you take part in your commencement ceremonies. As you take flight into new chapters of your lives, always know that St. Paul is your church home We hope and pray for your futures. Let your hearts, now and always, be filled by Him.

From Colossians 3:

16 Let your hearts be filled with the word of Christ. Be very wise when you teach people and help them to understand what is right and wrong. Sing with music. Sing praises and Christian songs. Sing to the Lord with praise in your hearts.

17 Whatever you say, or whatever you do, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus. Give thanks to God the Father through Jesus.

“Less of Me” by Jake Hess, III

Jake, Leader of our Praise Band, is a Nashville musician with his own family legacy of faith-based music. This is an original song Jake shared during our Contemporary Worship Service on January 22, 2023. Jake’s artful song shares his personal revelation on how he’s welcomed distractions, leading him away from God–and how he aims to change that.

To see the LIVE Broadcast on January 22, 2023, in its entirety, click here.

And the Winners Are …

Thank you to all who participated in our Blessing of the Pets … and … thank you for participating by voting for your favorites.

Most Talkative

1st: Cash, Ripley, & Gwen McBride

2nd: Bessie, Lolly, & Brownie

Most Likely to Bathe Strangers with Kisses

1st: Luna Fugh

2nd: Cash, Ripley, & Gwen McBride

Most Likely to Get Frequent “Pawdicures”

1st: Cash, Ripley, & Gwen McBride

2nd: Lucy


1st: Millie Gilley

2nd: Cash, Ripley, & Gwen McBride

Most Likely to Have Humans as Pets

1st: Cash, Ripley, & Gwen McBride

2nd: Millie Gilley

Most Likely to Be Owner’s Twin

1st: Crouton Hubbard

2nd: Cash, Ripley, & Gwen McBride

Most Likely to Eat Owner’s Dinner

1st: Cash, Ripley, & Gwen McBride

2nd: Millie Gilley

Recap: Youth Rafting Trip

The 2017 SPY Rafting Trip was a big success!  We rafted, we sang, we swam, and we praised God!

We also learned about how our souls need to be rehydrated with the love and grace of Jesus Christ, all while enjoying the God’s beautiful creation of nature of mountains and river.  What better way to reconnect and experience our God!?!?

Laura Marvets