Get Ready for Small Groups!

If you missed being part of a small group in the Fall, please consider joining Small Groups this season! Think of how much Jesus’ friends learned in His small group setting. Groups are fun, easy-going, non-intimidating, and often work very well to find a time of worship among peers. Plus, our Small Groups are supported with Sunday Sermon Series.

You will be hearing from Group Leaders soon! If you want to join a group, please contact

Announcements for this Week, June 19, 2022

Mary Lou Jarrell presents the Announcements each week.

A huge thank you to all who helped with Vacation Bible School last week!

Small groups for fall of 2022 are still forming! If you are interested in more information or to sign up, please send an email to Mary Lou Jarrell.

The Youth have a very busy June planned with activities, workouts, and more fun! See Laura or Logan to make sure you are signed up for the emails and texts with details!

SafeHouse ministries is in need of donations of clothing for both men and women as their closet is bare! So – use this as an excuse to clean out your closets and bring the items to St. Paul. We will get them to SafeHouse. Thank you!

@safehouseministries Cokesbury’s Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Trotter Talks Bible Study: Friends of God, Episode 1



Emily Trotter’s Bible Study Series are called “Trotter Talks.” Emily creates themed lessons to help us understand Biblical reference and apply it to our modern lives. In this series, “Friends of God,” Emily discusses people from the Old and New Testament. These special people have incredible stories of faith!